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About Us is the premier online food court in United Arab Emirates where you can conveniently search for and order from restaurants delivering to your desired location within Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other cities across the country. It also allows you to browse through restaurant menus. By using, you can eliminate the hassle of searching for restaurant menus and speaking with order-takers over the phone.

Through, we have managed to organise the unorganised restaurant sector in Dubai. The website is the brainchild of Elyas Suleman who had used a similar service when he was in London to order lunch and dinner at work. He found it very convenient to just efficiently order online instead of having to look for restaurant menus and placing orders over the phone. By ordering online, he was also able to save a significant amount of money by taking advantage of exclusive, online offers. He decided to bring this great service to UAE, starting with Dubai, as we all love our food and home delivery, and the restaurant sector here was screaming for some organisation and efficiency in the form of a service like this.

We have helped many restaurants to grow their business and have offered business consultancy to a number of restaurants that needed our expertise in setting up a good food delivery system. Our marketing and operations experience has been beneficial to restaurants as they have learnt from us on how to keep customers satisfied each time they enjoy a delicious meal from the restaurant or cafeteria.

In 2013, started with just 20 restaurants. Today, our user base is continuously growing and we have expanded to all of UAE with more than 500 restaurants to choose from. But this is only the beginning for us. We are a dynamic organisation with no plans to stop here. More users, more areas and more restaurants is our motto, so please help us continue our rapid expansion by keeping the good word of mouth publicity going.

Enjoy your meal!